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Congratulations to Ms.Freeman for Teacher of the Year!!

“I am simply a product of my environment. I am teacher of the year, not because I am a superior teacher, but because I’m surrounded by outstanding teachers. My department, pod-mates, significant other, and fellow teachers have taught and sacrificed for me. The teacher of the year award is not a singular award, but rather the success of a school environment where teachers build other teachers.” -Erin Freeman

Community Day with Kindergarten

South High School Registration Bulletin

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South High School

Our Mission:

South High School is an innovative, student-centered, community working to guarantee student learning in preparation for college and career readiness and lifelong success.

Our Vision:

South High School prepares Honorable, Enthusiastic, Responsible, and Determined students who are valuable members of a global community and lifelong learners.


Herd expectations will provide a positive,

productive classroom atmosphere that

promotes student learning.

Bison image - school mascot


Visitor access to South will be limited at this time. Please call ahead to schedule an appointment if needed. All visitors are required to wear face coverings while on school property.

If you do visit you will be required to check-in to the main office and provide a valid government issued ID card (driver's license, military ID, etc.) Due to updates to the security system all new and previous visitors will be required to have their ID scanned.


No deliveries will be allowed for lunches, gifts, flowers, etc. Please have students be prepared and responsible for their school day, by bringing school work, PE items, athletic items, lunch, etc. 

No deliveries allowed for lunches, gifts, flowers, etc.

Calling In for Your Students 

Appointments or Out for the Day

When calling in to excuse your student to leave school for an appointment, please call at least 30 minutes before your child needs to leave the school. This will allow time for the pass to be written and be delivered to your child.

Please call the appropriate attendance offices at the below number:

Last Names A - K:  Please  call 307-771-2446

Last Names L - Z:   Please call 307-771-2448


All Students and adults are highly recommended to wear a face mask while on South property

All Students and adults are highly recommended to wear a face mask while on South property

Upcoming Events at South

May 7th- Prom                                               May10th- Band Concert 7pm                        May12th- Orchestra Concert 7pm               May17th- Choir Concert 7pm                       May18th- Senior Awards 6pm                      May27th- Graduation 5:30pm Frontier Park May30th- Memorial Day- No School          June2nd-LastDayofSchool
Upcoming Events at South

Photo ID Verification

Photo IDs and School Visitation-

Please remember that all visitors to LCSD #1 schools are required to have photo identification every time they visit a school. LCSD #1 schools utilize a visitor software system called RAPTOR. All visitors will need to present their state ID at the main office, have the ID scanned into RAPTOR and then wear an orange visitors lanyard. You will check out of the school the same way in the main office.

Please remember that all visitors to LCSD #1 schools are required to have photo identification every time they visit a schoo

For information on all South High activities please go to the following web site:

Traci Friess Scholarship Fund

Mail To:  Northwestern Mutual Investment Services

707 17th Street, #3700

Denver, CO 80202

Please make checks payable to:  Pershing LLC (Memo line:  FBO Traci Friess Scholarship Fund)

Can't think of a better way of honoring Traci then enabling her legacy to live on through the many students' lives she has touched. Thank you for all your help and prayers.

South HS Contact Info
Picture of school building

Phil Thompson, Principal

Louis Sisemore, Associate Principal

Kerri Gentry, Assistant Principal

Kristen Siegel, Assistant Principal

Andre McIntyre, School Support Administrator

Main Office: 307-771-2410


A-K: 307-771-2446

L-Z: 307-771-2448

Fax: 307-771-2420

Records:307-771-2373 ext. 22112 Records Fax: 307-771-2459

1213 W. Allison Rd. Cheyenne, WY 82007

Attendance Offices

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Photo of a buffalo                

Last Name A - G

Assistant Principal:

Kerri Gentry

(307) 771-2446


Justin Roadifer

(307) 771-2410 ext 22211

9th Grade Principal:

Andre McIntyre

(307) 771-2446

(307) 771-2448

9th Grade Counselor:

Blake Kroger

(307) 771-2410 ext 22143

Photo of a white buffalo

 Last Name H - O

Associate Principal:

Louis Sisemore

(307) 771-2446 or

(307) 771-2448


Tammy Simpson

(307) 771-2410 ext 22212

Photo of a buffalo stampede

Last Name P - Z

Assistant Principal:

Kristen Siegel

(307) 771-2448

Counselor P - V:

David Berry

(307) 771-2410 ext 22215

Counselor W - Z:

Maribeth Ragle

(307) 771-2410 ext 22117


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Bison Boogie!

Mr. Thompson


Pict of Mr. Thompson and Tyson the Bison

What makes south special?

The South High school community is strong because we are committed to challenging and supporting each student in their educational journey.  We offer a comprehensive course of study including a broad array of Advanced Placement (AP) and Concurrent Enrollment classes, diverse elective programs including technology and the arts, and a state-of-the art school facility.

ELO (Extended Learning Opportunity)

Built into our class schedule, ELO is a time when students can meet with their teachers to get extra help on classwork or homework.

Concurrent Enrollment courses

In cooperation with Laramie County Community College (LCCC) and Sheridan College, south High School offers courses that allow for concurrent enrollment college credit.  Students who successfully complete concurrent enrollment courses earn high school credit and college credit while attending South High School. Students can also take approved dual credit courses at no charge at LCCC that will be recorded on both their high school transcript and college transcript.

Advanced placement (ap)

At South High School we understand the importance of AP classes to prepare students for college and career readiness.  We offer a rigorous course of study including many different AP classes: Studio Art 3-D, 2-D and Drawing, Spanish, English Literature & Composition, English Language, Statistics, Calculus AB & BC, Biology, Physics, Environmental Science, US History, Government & Politics, World Geography, Human Geography, Macroeconomics, World History, Psychology, and Music Theory.   Why do AP? Extensive Recognition AP is recognized by approx. 3,400 American colleges and universities, which grant credit, advanced placement, or both for AP courses and exam grades.  Colleges and universities understand the value of AP for preparing students to succeed in rigorous university courses. Access and Equity AP promotes open access to students who may excel in only one or two academic disciplines. The AP Program is designed to give all students an opportunity to challenge themselves with a rigorous academic experience.

SHS Yearbook

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Please scan QR code here to order your 21-22 yearbook 

Deadline for pictures is December 6th  - please put in reference code 415463810 when submitting photo. Please put student name along with picture.

Yearbook sales - click here to buy a yearbook


Graduation Information

2 days ago


Welcome to your graduation page!  This will be an exciting and busy year for you as you navigate through your classes, post-graduation plans and everything else that goes along with being a South High Senior.  


Together we have experienced life.  Separately we will pursue our dreams.  Forever our memories will remain. 
Graduation stage


Final payment due to Herff Jones - Jan. 1

Sr. Panoramic Picture - March 9 - ELO

Announcement delivery - March 22 - 11am-1:30pm - Commons

Sr. Awards Night - May 18

Graduation Practice - May 26 12pm

Graduation - May 27 - 5:30 pm

*All fines must be paid before you graduate

*Per Board policy caps may not be decorated.

*Graduation pictures - please go to Classic Imaging and click on "On-Line Ordering"  Access Code is GRADPICS


The panoramic picture is scheduled for March 9 during ELO (10:45am).

GRADUATION DAY INFORMATION Graduation will be held at Frontier Park


Herff Jones is the official supplier of South's graduation gear.  Gowns, caps, tassels and graduation bling are available on their website.

New this year - Graduation gowns are purchased.  You do not need to return them following graduation. 

Ordering information: